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WIAL Annual Global Conference Shanghai, China 

October 19-20, 2017

“Transformation through Action Learning”

Chinese enterprises, no matter if they are multinational, state-owned or private are facing unprecedented challenges for survival and growth. Chinese organizations realize that their business needs to transform on the individual, team, and organization levels.

Action Learning is being seriously considered as a tool to facilitate these transformations. The theme for WIAL Global Conference 2017 is "Transformation through Action Learning".

The conference assembles masters from 15 different countries and regions. You will find Professor Michael Marquardt, the founder of WIAL, Dr. Bea Carson, the chairman of WIAL, 7 Master Action Learning Coaches, a dozen of Senior Action Learning Coaches and many veterans of Action Learning, to share their practices and thoughts, which is expected to bring you latest perspectives and experience.


  • DAY1

    Thurs, Oct 19th, 2017

    Global Conference

  • DAY2

    Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

    Global Conference

  • Thurs, Oct 19th, 2017

    Time Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4

    Opening Ceremony

    Dr. Bea Carson, WIAL Board President & Chairperson

    Prof. Michael Marquardt

    Co-Founder and first President of WIAL
    Transforming Organizations into Learning Organizations with Action Learning

    1. Importance of becoming a Learning Organization
    2. The five systems of learning organizations
    3. How action learning builds each system
    4. Case examples of learning organizations transformed by the power of Action Learning

    Take Away:

    1. How to build learning organizations by action learning
    2. Cases for reference

    9:55–10:10 Coffee Break

    Dr. Bea Carson

    Transforming Learning and Development with Action Learning

    1. With limited budgets and higher expectations – How can employees be successful?
    2. There are no failures only learning.
    3. How can we transform culture in this rapidly changing environment?
    4. Sharing

    Take Away:

    1. Action Learning as a training tool

    2. Action Learning for culture change

    11:00–11:15 Coffee Break

    Mr. Peter Kao

    Paradigm Shifting for Business Transformation through Action Learning

    1. Why are people blocked in their paradigm?
    2. How can the Action Learning coach help people shift the paradigm: identify – question – reframe – transform
    3. What tools can the Action Learning coach use?
    4. Real case sharing

    Take Away:

    1. Paradigm shifting process and tools

    2. Cases for reference

    12:00–13:15 Lunch

    Dr. Peter Cauwelier

    Building High-Performance Teams through Action Learning

    1. What is team psychological safety and why is it critical for team performance?
    2. What impacts team psychological safety and how can you further develop it?
    3. What is the impact of Action Learning on team psychological safety?

    Take Away:

    A framework to help you design development programs that will develop team psychological safety

    Mr. Simon Kwong

    Action Learning Practice in the Perspective of Organization Development

    1. One Case Scenario: The Merge & Acquisition Based on the Demand of Scale Expansion & Diversification

    2. Two Core Needs: Integration & Collaboration, Development & Evolvement

    3. Three Core Technologies’ Integrated Application: Action Learning, Facilitation and Coaching

    Take Away:

    A Framework of Facilitating Problem Solving and Learning

    Mr. John Sautelle

    Solving Intractable Change problems through Action Learning

    1. Understanding "Adaptive Change challenges"
    2. How to use a collective "Immunity to Change™" process within the Action Learning process to get to the bottom of the problem and identify "safe to fail" actions – illustrated through a real case study

    Take Away:

    1. How to apply this process in your organisation
    2. Ideas for how to use different processes within the Action Learning process.
    3. Immunity to Change™ Model

    Mr. Twan Paes

    Organizations Need a Good Balance in Leadership, Management and Coaching. Action Learning is about the Upperstream and the Undercurrent

    1. In 2017 the puzzle makes room for the actual problem!
    2. What is the difference between the upperstream and the undercurrent?
    3. Which roles does an organization need to solve the problem?
    4. European cases

    Take Away:

    1. Insights in leadership
    2. Cases for reference

    14:05–14:20 Coffee Break

    Ms. Dorothy Tsui

    Action Learning in Strength-based Organizations – fostering people & organization development based on collective strengths

    1.Dive into the "Positive" trend – unleash the power of Action Learning when problem-solving is out of scope
    2. Action Learning and OD – Identify projects that are derived from and will contribute to the whole-system
    3. Case studies in South East Asia and Greater China regions

    Take Away:

    1. A proven strength-based model for Action Learning projects
    2. Cases for reference

    Ms. Fay Pang

    Action Learning Journey in Aviva-Cofco Life (ACL)

    1. Action learning from talent program to other fields
    2. Promoting action learning like sales marketing
    3. Real case sharing

    Take Away:

    1. Action learning embed in the business
    2. How can action learning support strategy implementation & culture transformation

    Mr. William Teo

    The Effectiveness of Action Learning Coaching:
    A Focus on Personality in Leadership Development.

    1. What are leadership competencies?
    2. Personality traits and leadership
    3. How can the action learning help in personality and leadership development?
    4. Some results from collaborative research with Dr. Sridar of University Putra Malaysia and Dr Siow from Heriott Watt University

    Take Away:

    1. Personality traits in leadership development.
    2. Applied learning in AL for reference.

    Dr. Kathleen Kueht

    How Action Learning Can Contribute to Leadership Development and the Participants' Experience of Transformative Learning

    1. Action learning can accelerate and foster leadership development and transformative learning
    2. What are some of the obstacles to create sustainable change?
    3. What are some of the lessons learning as an AL coach?
    4. Action Learning can create a supportive environment for participants to learn from each other

    Take Away:

    How to create the context and why action learning is a catalyst and can foster leadership development and individual learning

    15:10–15:25 Coffee Break

    Ms. Shannon Banks

    The Value of a Coaching Culture:
    Building Social Leadership Skills to Thrive in a Modern Workplace

    1. How leadership requirements are changing in a digital world
    2. What skills and behaviours are needed to thrive in a modern workplace?
    3. How to create a coaching culture through Action Learning can help develop these skills?

    Take Away:

    1. Self assessment around social leadership behaviours
    2. New ways of thinking about Action Learning's benefits

    Ms. Wei Xiao

    Changan Ford Key Talent Learning & Development through Action Learning

    1. Business Opportunities of Key Talent L&D Project
    2. How can the action learning help key talent capabilities improvement
    3. Real case sharing
    4. What the next work of action learning activities delivery

    Take Away:

    1. Action learning process and tools of key talent L&D
    2. Project Achievements and Opportunities
    3. Cases for reference

    Prof. Daniel Belet

    Renovating and Enhancing the Impact of Management Education with Action Learning

    1. What are some major challenges of today's management education ?
    2. Why Action Learning offers a new and more efficient approach of people management learning and leadership development ?
    3. How Action Learning can develop participant's leadership skills and more creative and learning teams ?
    4. Business school Action Learning experiences sharing

    Take Away:

    1. New Action Learning based management education and leadership development programs
    2. Counsels to succeed in implementation of such Action Learning programs

    Dr. Ruby Brown

    Public Sector Transformation driven by Action Learning

    1. What makes Public Sector transformation so difficult?
    2. How can the Action Learning Coach help people overcome the hurdles to transformation?
    3. Real-life cases of transformation through Action Learning

    Take Away:

    1. Transformation tools and process guidelines
    2. Cases for reference

    16:15–16:30 Coffee Break

    Ms. Ivy Zhang

    From Supporting Roles to Leading Roles: AL Promotes Cubic and Interactive Organization Culture

    1. Change of Learning Form: transform staff from “supporters in transformation” to “leaders in transformation”
    2. Transformation of Talent Development: change display of talent potential from “paper evaluation” to “real practices”
    3. Building Successful Culture: vertically and horizontally interactive learning and sharing form “a common language in enterprise”

    Take Away:

    1. How to implant headquarters’ talent model into local enterprises’ actual needs
    2. How to combine talent development with business innovation

    Ms. Popsy Kanagaratnam

    Action Learning at Any Age: A Case Study.

    1. How Action Learning works in different environments.
    2. How can the Coach work with the group to build habits?
    3. How much or how little do you intervene?
    Real case sharing of a primary school class.
    4. How to apply Action Learning in your situation.

    Take Away:

    1. How Action Learning can can be used in different environments.
    2. Group discussion – how to apply Action Learning in your work environment.

    Mr. Hans Ploeg

    Effectivity in Education Will Grow Through Action Learning

    1. Why do we go to action instead of looking behind the problem?
    2. How can the action learning coach help teachers and children to be more effective and take away an important part of the workload
    3. What tools can the action learning coach use
    4. Real case sharing

    Take Away:

    1. Practiced tools for AL coach
    2. Real case sharing

  • Fri, Oct 20th, 2017

    Time Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4
    9: 00–9: 50

    Prof. Michael Marquardt

    Master Action Learning DemoⅠ

    1. Ready: How to form an AL group?
    2. Question: What kind of questions could be dealt with AL?
    3. Process: AL coaching Demo
    4. Answering: Problems in the process

    Take Away:

    1. AL coaching skills demonstrated
    2. Real experience of AL

    Mr. Zenith Law

    Changing the Change through Action Learning

    1. Changing the change
    2. Action learning in the spiral of inquiry
    3. When West meets East
    4. Curosity as a driver for change

    Take Away:

    1. Paradigm shifts
    2. Ancient Chinese wisdom

    Ms. Marina Mazi

    Future of Work and Action Learning

    1. How Action Learning can help leaders in a VUCA world?
    2. What are the main characteristics and trends for the work?
    3. What is a Person-Centred Approach?
    4. What is the relationship between PCA, Action Learning and the future of work?
    5. How Action Learning can shape the leader of 22nd century?
    6. Real case sharing

    Take Away:

    1. How Action Learning helps future leaders
    2. Person-Centered approach, Action Learning and the future of work
    3. Cases for reference

    9:50–10:05 Coffee Break

    Prof. Michael Marquardt

    Master Action Learning DemoⅡ

    1. Ready: How to form an AL group?
    2. Question: What kind of questions could be dealt with AL?
    3. Process: AL coaching Demo
    4. Answering: Problems in the process

    Take Away:

    1. AL coaching skills demonstrated
    2. Real experience of AL

    Mr. HJ Tsai

    How HRD professional can develop the organization through Action Learning?

    1. What's HRD's role in developing organization?
    2. Transforming a mediocre team to an effective team (Organizational Development)
    3. Transforming a high potential to an effective leader (Talent Development)

    Take Away:

    1. Structures of organization development and talent development projects
    2. Cases for reference


    Conducting virtual WIAL Action Learning sessions

    This presentation will illustrate and highlight various best practices in regards to how WIAL Action Learning sessions can be conducted virtually.

    Take Away:

    Those attending this session will learn why participants appreciate greatly the additional benefit of being able to conduct WIAL Action Learning sessions virtually using online communication technologies to help them achieve innovative breakthrough sustainable solutions to problems, while developing their leadership and communication skills, improving team performance and enhancing further their organizations as learning organizations.

    10:55–11:10 Coffee Break

    Dr. Bea Carson

    Coaching for Transformation

    1. Future positive coaching
    2. Neuroscience of coaching
    3. Transforming teams through Action Learning coaching
    4. Examples

    Take Away:

    1. Coaching tips for transformation
    2. Advanced Coaching practice

    Mr. Zengwang Gu

    Action Learning Practices in China’s Large Enterprises

    1. Why do Chinese large enterprises need AL?
    2. Cases: AL’s application in Chinese large enterprises
    3. Experience and lessons: AL’s practice in Chinese large enterprises
    4. Vision: AL in future Chinese large enterprises

    Take Away:

    1. Experience and lessons: AL’s application in Chinese large enterprises
    2. Ideas and framework: AL project for Chinese large enterprises

    Ms. Paulina Chu

    Sharing the 3-year Transformation Journey to Catalyze "Leaders to Build Leaders" at MSI (Micro-Star Intl.)

    In 2016, this "MSI Building a Value-based Culture" project received both the WIAL Best Business Practice award and the IAF FIA (Facilitation Impact Award).
    1. Introducing and deepening AL in this large, complex organization.
    2. Using AL to build leaders and sustain growth.
    3. Interventions in addition to AL.

    Take Away:

    1. Understand this 3 year case and design
    2. Explore AL's power to build leaders’ capabilities and sustain business growth

    Prof. KC Chan

    Project-based Action Learning for Accelerated Transformation:
    Case Analysis of Three Leading MNEs (Japanese, Canadian, Indonesian)

    The presentation covers the need for converting a strategy into a prioritized pipeline of programs and projects to achieve both optimization and utilization of resources and achieve the supreme productivity performance of being faster, better and smarter than competitors. Thus, the prime lesson learnt is that Action Learning should permeate the whole organization from strategic to business to operations to achieve accelerated transformation in organizational culture from good to great. The three leading MNEs (multinational enterprises) are:
    1. Okuma Corporation (Japan)
    2. Husky (Canada)
    3. Sinar Mas Group (Indonesia)

    Take Away:

    1. Framework for project-based Action Learning
    2. Holistic thinking for accelerated learning
    3. Real world application of the latest concept in project-based Action Learning for the transformation of 3 MNEs (multinational enterprises)

    12:00–13:15 Lunch

    Dr. Jessica McWade

    The L Path® – Five Insights for Building Leadership Effectiveness and How Action Learning Informs Them.

    1. Leading: Developing Vision, Communicating Well, Knowing and Growing Yourself.
    2. Learning: Encouraging Curiosity, Asking Questions, Diagnosing Challenges.
    3. Losing: Championing Intelligent Risk-Taking, Learning from Failure.
    4. Laughing: Being Humble, Achieving Balance, Finding Enjoyment in Leadership.
    5. Living: Applying Wisdom from the Lived Experience, Succeeding across Cultures.

    Take Away:

    1. Practical tools for building self-awareness and improving as a leader-communicator.
    2. Specific steps for creating organizational vision and the culture needed to achieve it.
    3. Useful narrative, examples and case studies of leading on The L Path®.
    4. References to how some Action Learning principles inform leadership effectiveness.

    Ms. Lin Lin

    Practice of Integrated Action Learning

    1. How to understand organizational development needs from different forms of Chinese enterprises?
    2. How to meet different clients’ needs through integrated Action Learning with other learning methods?

    Take Away:

    1. To HR: How to use AL to facilitate organizational development based on your own situation and needs?
    2. To AL coach: How to use AL to help clients facilitate organizational development with the combination of your own situation and background?

    Mr. Terence Quek

    Empowering Action Learning With Emergenetics (Winner of WIAL Innovation Award 2015)

    1. In 2015, Emergenetics APAC won the WIAL Action Learning Innovation Award for combining Emergenetics with Action Learning
    2. What is Emergenetics and why are Action Learning Coaches using it with their Action Learning Projects?
    3. What frameworks and templates are there to empower Action Learning and how do companies easily integrate them with Action Learning?

    Take Away:

    Frameworks and templates for integrating Emergenetics with AL

    Prof. Richardus Eko Indrajit

    Action Learning Implementation in Indonesia Industry

    As Executive Director of Perbanas Institute for the Indonesia IT industry, one of the key role is to educate IT graduates of prime business value add to the companies, both medium and large. Over the past 20 years, many different techniques have been applied – for example brain storming, 5Ws and 2Hs, lateral thinking, etc. However, after developing a “Design Thinking Approach to Action Learning” the outcome is most encouraging. In this presentation, Prof. Richardus Eko Indrajit will be able to share the what, why and how to implement design thinking action learning in Indonesia industry using 5 cases.

    Take Away:

    1. Framework of design thinking action learning
    2. Action learning as a strategy for business value add to organizations for continuous productivity enhancement
    3. Real world applications to five companies that have successfully transformed to being world-class action learning organizations

    14:05–14:20 Coffee Break

    Ms. Fumiyo Seimiya

    Action Learning in Japan for These 15 Years

    1. For more than 15years, real case sharing in Japan
    ---findings and typical 3 programs for Japanese companies
    2. The possibilities of Certificate Student Action Learning Coaches in Japan.

    Take Away:

    1. Create questioning culture process and how AL programs works
    2. Meaning for developing internal AL Coaches in organization
    3. Cases for reference

    Mr. Yu Tong

    Action Learning Practice in China Grand Enterprise for these 10 Years

    1. Action Learning is an important part in talent development project.
    2. Action Learning should combine the real situation and form internal operation flow.
    3. Action Learning requires tracking and mentoring mechanism to promote the achievement of learning effect.
    4. Action Learning practice effect display through real cases.

    Take Away:

    1. Experience: the importance of AL in talent project
    2. Learning: the operation process and method to apply AL project in corporation
    3. Perspective: combine AL with IDP to enhance the effect of learning

    Mr. Edouard Gruwez

    How to Prepare an Action Learning Report With the Shortest Time?

    1. Key problem in presentation: “the paradox of presentation” and “the curse of knowledge”
    2. Thinking: what will your superiors learn from your presentation?
    3. Logic: what kind of logic structure will help your audience remember the content?
    4. Story: what kind of information could be “handles” to impress the audience?
    5. Media: how to produce slides that help the audience to remember your information?

    Take Away:

    TLSM method

    15:10–15:25 Coffee Break

    Mr. Makoto Nagata

    Action Learning Programme in Hitachi

    1. How contribute to create organizational culture through action learning experience, we called it “Questioning meeting” when they need mutual support at the M&A phase.
    2. Works Action Learning process in the set from “different position” and “cross functional member”.
    3. The possibilities of Certificate Student Action Learning Coaches in Japan.

    Take Away:

    1. Cases for reference
    2. Create questioning culture process and how AL programs works

    Sharing:Faz Kamaruddin

    The AirAsia Action Learning Journey

    How AirAsia is applying Action Learning in :
    1. Leadership development
    2. Talent management
    3. Organization change

    Take Away:

    1. Real-life lessons for coaches, people managers and HR leaders
    2. Immediate action steps to incorporate AL in your own organization

    Mr. Jayan Warrier

    Appreciative Inquiry & Action Learning: Positivity and Performance Meet

    1. Origins and principles of Appreciative Inquiry
    2. An experience of AI in action
    3. The compelling need for positive performance
    4. AI and AL: Applications

    Take Away:

    1. Understand AI as a tool and a life philosophy
    2. Explore synergies of AI and AL in business and life

    16:15–16:30 Coffee Break
    16:30–17:30 WIAL Annual Awards: Honor the best practice & research
    Closing & Preannouncing the Next WIAL Global Conference

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